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Farewell Foster’s

Unlike the post 6 months ago, this time it’s a more permanent farewell I’m bidding to Foster’s. I started my Industry-Based learning (IBL) placement there almost exactly a year ago. After the placement ended, I continued with my old team for one day a week while studying. Then, after the Deloitte vacation placement ended, I started full-time work with the Core Operations transformational project team, modelling their current processes.

But I’m starting my second IBL on Monday at Lonely Planet, so there isn’t any more time for Foster’s unfortunately.

Foster’s has such a nice and fairly relaxed atmosphere – it’s sad to go. The experience I gained there was so valuable and the friends I made are great! I’ll be keeping in touch, guys! Don’t forget me!

But for now it’s time to move on. I’m very excited about Lonely Planet next week! I only have that IBL placement and four more university subjects left before I graduate. I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be in 12 months time – maybe Foster’s is still an option! But for now I’m looking to see what else I can experience.

Thanks again Foster’s – I had a a blast.

Golden Key Asia-Pacific Conference 2009

I came home yesterday from the Golden Key Asia-Pacific conference in Canberra to find Melbourne broken. Train lines were down – apparently it had reached 47 degrees! And now this morning, there is news of bushfires that have possibly killed more people than Ash Wednesday fires…I saw some bushfires from the plane as I was flying home. It was a fairly awesome yet scary sight…what a tragedy…

At any rate, I’m supposed to be blogging about the conference.

The Asia-Pacific region of Golden Key includes Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia – and all three were represented at the conference! It was held at The Australian National University from Thursday to Saturday and it was great, even with Canberra’s hot weather (although I suspect that Melbourne suffered more).

This year’s theme was “Focused on the Future” and unlike the Young ICT conference back in May, there were usually break out rooms where we had to choose which speaker to see. What a hard choice! This conference had some very impressive guests – Ross Garnaut, Anh Do, Ian Thorpe, Major-General Michael Jeffrey – luckily the sessions with these guests were for everyone.

Anh Do is an amazing speaker -I had never realised before that he had such a great story to tell. Ian Thorpe was interesting to hear from, given that we had raised funds for his foundation throughout the year – in fact Swinburne raised more money than any other chapter in the Asia-Pacific region! Ross Garnaut was very topical and personally very interesting while Major-General Jeffrey had some great points to make on community and volunteerism.

A number of other panels were held with topics ranging from how to run a chapter (kudos to the Monash chapter for two great presentations) to entrepreneurialism to women in the workplace. There were also a number of social and community service events – it was great to visit the Australian War Memorial again for the first time since 1994.

I met plenty of other chapter members and a few extra guests. Swinburne was quite well represented with myself and two other Executive committee members, but also two other general members and an extra guest. Six Swinburne representatives! I’m quite proud, heh.

This conference was a lot of fun with plenty of opportunities to learn and network. I’m already looking forward to next year’s Asia-Pacific conference and now I’m seriously considering attending the International Conference in Florida in July! Hopefully we can get a great Swinburne representation there too!

Happy New Year 2009

A safe and happy new year to you all!

2009 is my last year in the Bachelor of Information Technology. I will possibly be going through the graduate recruitment process as well. I’ll do my second industry-based learning placement somewhere and I’ll be in Japan for two weeks in September – with a few other overseas trips on my mind!

A lot to look forward to and a lot to work through. I’m looking forward to it! Hope your 2009 is great too!

IBL ends at Foster’s…

My twenty-week Industry-Based Learning (IBL) placement at Foster’s Group is just about to end. I was part of the Process Capability Team at the Southbank headquarters. Foster’s was really such a great place to start my corporate ICT work experience. It’s a large company and obviously a household name. The BP&IT department is headquartered in Melbourne so I had the best chance to meet, network and experience the major IT projects happening in Foster’s.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful and keen to give me as many advantages as possible. Thanks particularly to my manager Patricia for being so proactive and positive about my future career.

Of course, I learned plenty over the last 20 weeks. Perhaps what was most surprising though was learning how much I enjoy training – developing training courses and then facilitating and rolling them out. That made up quite a large portion of my work during the IBL placement and it’s something I’ll definitely be looking at doing again in the future. The other part of my work – process analysis and modelling – was also really enjoyable and hopefully I should blitz that subject next semester! 🙂

Finishing a work placement at a company where I really enjoyed myself would usually be pretty sad – but I’ll be back again! Yes, Foster’s offered me a casual position! I’ll continue working with the Process Capability Team for one day a week while I go back to university next semester. Full-time summer work is looking like an option too.

But for now, we’re in ‘farewell’ mode. There are 5 other IBL students here besides me and we’re all having our little team parties and exchanging emails. I’m happy that I can tell people “I’ll see you next week”, but I’m still happy to take part in the “last” day celebrations at the bar too!


Hajimemashite! RADIO TOKYO is starting soon!

I’ve joined the student radio station at Swinburne – 3SSR. I’m planning to start a radio show that I actually tried to do at Monash, but unfortunately their radio broadcasting facilities were non-existent at the time.

RADIO TOKYO logoSo I’m starting RADIO TOKYO at Swinburne! I plan to do a weekly 90 minute show featuring Japanese music. Japan has the second biggest music industry in the world but there is little Japanese music on the airwaves in Australia. Obviously language is a concern, but I’ve found that music is equally enjoyable even if the lyrics can’t be understood. Besides, quite a lot of Japanese artists will sing at least partially in English.

I’d also like to make a gig guide of all the Japanese-related events happening in Australia (but Melbourne in particular). Basically, the show’s content will be as the tag line says: “Japanese music, news, gigs and reviews”!

First show will be soon! It’s a little nerve-racking but mainly exciting! I can broadcast on the internet with 3SSR so I’m looking forward to having interstate and overseas friends tuning in.

Head over to the official RADIO TOKYO website. There’s also a MySpace page and a Last.fm profile. And stay tuned for the new show!