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Farewell Foster’s

Unlike the post 6 months ago, this time it’s a more permanent farewell I’m bidding to Foster’s. I started my Industry-Based learning (IBL) placement there almost exactly a year ago. After the placement ended, I continued with my old team for one day a week while studying. Then, after the Deloitte vacation placement ended, I started full-time work with the Core Operations transformational project team, modelling their current processes.

But I’m starting my second IBL on Monday at Lonely Planet, so there isn’t any more time for Foster’s unfortunately.

Foster’s has such a nice and fairly relaxed atmosphere – it’s sad to go. The experience I gained there was so valuable and the friends I made are great! I’ll be keeping in touch, guys! Don’t forget me!

But for now it’s time to move on. I’m very excited about Lonely Planet next week! I only have that IBL placement and four more university subjects left before I graduate. I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be in 12 months time – maybe Foster’s is still an option! But for now I’m looking to see what else I can experience.

Thanks again Foster’s – I had a a blast.

IBL ends at Foster’s…

My twenty-week Industry-Based Learning (IBL) placement at Foster’s Group is just about to end. I was part of the Process Capability Team at the Southbank headquarters. Foster’s was really such a great place to start my corporate ICT work experience. It’s a large company and obviously a household name. The BP&IT department is headquartered in Melbourne so I had the best chance to meet, network and experience the major IT projects happening in Foster’s.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful and keen to give me as many advantages as possible. Thanks particularly to my manager Patricia for being so proactive and positive about my future career.

Of course, I learned plenty over the last 20 weeks. Perhaps what was most surprising though was learning how much I enjoy training – developing training courses and then facilitating and rolling them out. That made up quite a large portion of my work during the IBL placement and it’s something I’ll definitely be looking at doing again in the future. The other part of my work – process analysis and modelling – was also really enjoyable and hopefully I should blitz that subject next semester! 🙂

Finishing a work placement at a company where I really enjoyed myself would usually be pretty sad – but I’ll be back again! Yes, Foster’s offered me a casual position! I’ll continue working with the Process Capability Team for one day a week while I go back to university next semester. Full-time summer work is looking like an option too.

But for now, we’re in ‘farewell’ mode. There are 5 other IBL students here besides me and we’re all having our little team parties and exchanging emails. I’m happy that I can tell people “I’ll see you next week”, but I’m still happy to take part in the “last” day celebrations at the bar too!