I’m going to webdu!

I came home and logged in to my Twitter account to find no less than four random people suddenly following me. I originally thought they were spammers but on closer inspection I found out that they were all @webdu followers, plus @webdu itself.

“Huh!” thought I, “Must have found me by searching for #webdu and getting my haiku”

I should back up a bit here, hehe.

I first heard about webDU’s Twitter competition when I read a friend’s entry in his feed. WebDU is an annual web technology conference in the Asia-Pacific region. This year it’s in Sydney.

It looked very cool, so I thought I would enter the Twitter competition myself to get a conference pass. Here is my tweet:

A Haiku:

My skills are strong, but
The economy is not
Grad job, I must find 🙂

Where else could I network better than at webdu?

I only posted it yesterday! So I didn’t think that all of those new followers could have come from me winning a pass but that’s just what had happened! I’m so excited! I never win at those “25 words or less” style competitions. Clearly, the “140 characters or less” competitions go better for me!

I have to admit that I didn’t imagine my career focus to be in web technology – at least not to begin with. But it’s been a personal interest of mine for years – especially after becoming an Anita Borg finalist and visiting the Google offices in Sydney. So webDU should be fantastic!

Speaking of Google, some of their staff will be presenting there. I can’t wait to meet up with them again! I caught up with some other Googlers and Anita Borg finalists last night at Melbourne University’s Google Coffee Club too. Great fun! And to cap off these Google-ful few days, Google Australia was awarded the #1 spot in BRW’s Great Places To Work list. I’d believe it for sure!

Wow, tonight has been crazy. But I’m excited! I can’t wait for webDU! Anyone else going? I’ll see you there!

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