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I visited New York for the first time almost exactly ten years ago. I only stayed there for maybe three nights. After backpacking around Europe, I was poor and scruffy-looking and being 19, I wasn’t legally allowed to enjoy the bars there. So all I really saw were the “basics” – Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Ground Zero, Times Square…

Now, I’ve been offered a year-long secondment in the U.S. with ThoughtWorks, so I’ll be back in New York for the first time in a decade. I’m ridiculously excited 🙂 I can’t wait to experience everything I missed the first time round.

I leave soon – perhaps in a week. I’m not sure which project I’ll be on yet – hopefully it’s one where I don’t have to travel much. I really want to explore New York as much as possible. I’ve discovered some of the event listing websites and I’m sure I could find at least three things I’d want to do every night in Gotham. So, this blog is to document all the adventures I have in New York in 365 days.