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Ok, it took a while, but I have now fixed the glitch that has kept my site from updating blog posts. The front page of the site is also now looking a lot better. I’ll be adding more links to my online presence soon, as well as a photo gallery and a Twitter feed.

But for now, you can enjoy all those blog post drafts that are finally published!


I have known about Twitter for a long time but since I already tracked my friends on Facebook, LiveJournal and other blogs, I didn’t really want to add yet another website to add to my “check regularly” list. Besides, I didn’t know anyone who Twittered, besides a few high-profile celebrities.

But now my list of Twittering friends has grown – as have the uses for Twitter. It’s pretty remarkable what it can be used for. Obviously there are the promotional and marketing purposes, but the real-time status updates are very powerful too (it was really fascinating to read the updates by those affected by Hurricane Gustav).

Another thing that has changed since Twitter first appeared is the increased integration of web technologies. So I don’t need to check x number of blogs, Facebook, LiveJournal and then the Twitter website. The Twitter application for Facebook and RSS feeds straight to my Google Reader mean that I only have to keep an eye on two websites for all my internet news updates.

So, I have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon – perhaps quite late – but better late than never. There may not be too many updates from me, but if you’d like, you can now follow me on Twitter!

Twitter Logo

And so we begin


I’ve created this site ( [EDIT: This blog has since relocated to The “” site is now defunct] primarily as a place where I can collate all my projects and media files, as well as links to all the various organisations/projects/groups I’m involved with. It’s also simply a place I can present my professional side, since I’m currently in the process of finishing my studies and starting my career.

This blog is where I’ll be posting updates to the site, news on my projects or even just random postings on what has my interest at the moment.

For now both the site and the blog are quite empty, but they’ll both be filled soon with plenty of information, so stay tuned.