Monthly Archives: July 2012

6:50 p.m. 24 July 2012


Hunter took me to my first Whole Foods in Chicago, declaring it a “hipster” supermarket and therefore perfect for me (what?!). I don’t identify with “hipster” (I’m a foodie, dammit!) but I was super excited to learn that I had a Whole Foods near my apartment in New York.

I freakin’ LOVE Whole Foods! If that makes me a hipster, well then…okay.

6:50 p.m. 21 July 2012


Apparently the Olympics have started in London. I really couldn’t care less. I’m not interested in the overly commercialised fanfare, especially after hearing the borderline fascist moves that LOCOG have taken to ensure that big corporations have total say in what’s acceptable in London for the next three weeks.

I’ve got 500 cable channels, including some that I’m sure are broadcasting the Olympics. But I’d much rather watch a Japanese show on science, thanks.