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30 Before 30

A colleague of mine recently mentioned that she had completed one of the items on her “30 Before 30” list. The idea of a 30 Before 30 list piqued my interest and I’ve spent the last few days putting mine together.

What constitutes a 30 Before 30 list seems to differ slightly from person to person. I’ve heard of lists that were thirty concerts or festivals to see before turning thirty years old, while another was thirty new things never tried before before reaching thirty. Yet another was thirty things to stop doing before the age of thirty.

My list is thirty things I’d like to achieve before turning thirty. These are a mix of new experiences, physical challenges, breaking bad habits or reaching a new level in something I’ve already done.

I won’t be sharing all of them, but here are some from my list:

#3 – Make all my meals for a month
I can cook and enjoy cooking, yet I almost always opt for a bought lunch over a homemade lunch while at work. So I’m aiming to cook every meal I eat for a month. No buying meals, especially lunches.

#5 – Get a motorcycle permit
I’ve wanted this since I was a teenager, but stuff always got in the way. I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

#6 – Sew myself an entire outfit
I’ve taken up sewing and crafting in the last few years. I want to see how good I am and try to make myself an entire outfit. It’ll give me the chance to have a more environmentally friendly wardrobe too, since I’ll be using organic fabrics.

#10 – Make a cheese
I eat so much of the stuff, I should try to make it sometime!

#14 – “Win” NaNoWriMo
National Novel Writing Month is a fun exercise in creativity. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. Because it’s such a large amount of text in such a small space of time, the focus is on quantity, not quality. It encourages people to write, write, write and not to get hung up on whether it’s any good. Anyone who can meet the 50,000 limit is considered a “winner”. I’m looking forward to it.

#19 – Make a five-course gourmet dinner for 6
Should be fun 🙂 Volunteers for the six spaces?

#21 – Visit a country I haven’t before
Completely selfish goal to find an excuse to travel some more!

#22 – Rollerblade across Singapore
I once heard about someone who did this. Apparently it only took them about 4 hours. Singapore is a small place! I also haven’t actually stepped foot outside the airport at Singapore, so this will probably tick off #21 as well, hehe.

#25 – Go skydiving
I used to think that I’d NEVER go skydiving, but now I want to try, heh. Never say never.

#28 – Climb Uluru
Pretty self-explanatory.

#30 – Visit Tokyo Tower
Despite the fact that I used to live in Yokohama, and have been back to Tokyo numerous times, I somehow never made it to the top of Tokyo Tower. But since I intend to spend my thirtieth birthday in Tokyo, I’ve decided to make this #30 on my list. Yay!

When I tick off any of the items, I’ll post about it here.