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Facebook bug: Links in comments disappear on iPad

Back in March, Facebook changed their comments system so that the blue ‘Comment’ button was no longer visable. Instead, users had to press the enter key on their keyboards to post comments. To make multi-line comments, users were prompted to press Shift and Enter.

Amid general protests of Facebook trying to fix what wasn’t broken, suddenly iPad users started complaining that the Shift + Enter functionality didn’t work on their on-screen keyboards.

I’m one of those iPad users, and yes, the inability to make multi-line comments is extremely frustrating. But then I noticed another iPad-related bug in the last few weeks. It seems that iPad users can’t get any Facebook usability love.

When commenting on a status, I tried adding a link. When I pressed enter to post, the URL would be visible for a few seconds but then disappeared. The rest of the text remained intact. I’ve searched online but haven’t found any other comments about this bug – if you know of anything related, please feel free to leave a comment below.

I recorded a video of the bug in action:

There is a workaround, which is pressing the space key after the URL text. For some reason, this space allows Facebook to recognise the URL and parse it into a clickable link. It seems strange that Facebook can’t recognise URLs otherwise – even going so far as to deleting comments altogether that only contain a URL.

There is no official Facebook app for iPad yet. Hopefully, if and when that is released, that would ease some of these usability issues. Until then, Facebook should work a bit harder to test their “features” and updates in the iOS environment before releasing them.