Monthly Archives: December 2008

Deloitte Summer Vacation Placement

I’m nearly at the end of my summer vacation placement at Deloitte that I was offered back in August. It’s been great! I’m in Consulting (Technology Integration), working with the E2E Solution Integration team at Telstra. Yes, I’m working on that massive Teslstra IT transformation project! It’s pretty exciting – it’s the biggest IT project happening in Australia. It’s a pity I’m only here for three odd weeks.

Deloitte likes to make the vacation placement fun as well as a great career experience. There are events like the Amazing Race (which my team won! Go the Fantastic Five!), the Christmas party (as well as all of the team parties), end of month drinks and various workshops. I love having access to the online training as well. I really should do more courses while I have the chance.

My team are a lot of fun. Quite a few of them are recent graduates, or at least recent additions to Deloitte but they’ve already developed a fairly close-knit culture. My boss, mentor and buddy are all brilliant to talk to.

It’s been a tough time to do the placement, what with end-of-year stresses, exams and results. But I am still really glad I had the chance to do this placement. Deloitte has been great! I wish it could have been an eight week placement instead!