Monthly Archives: August 2008

More good news…

Wow, good news seems to come in pairs! Earlier this week I found out about being a Finalist in Google’s Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship and now I’ve received another exciting phone call – this time offering me a summer vacation position at Deloitte!

I’ll be an analyst in the Consulting division for four weeks in November/December. This is great! All of the people I met so far at Deloitte have been very friendly and very funny. It’ll be great to get to learn more about the company before I start applying for graduate positions next year.

There’s mean to be an “Under Offer” celebratory dinner in September but I just realised that I’ll be in Sydney for the Anita Borg retreat! Oh well. Plenty of time to meet more people at the end of the year!

I’m an Anita Borg Scholarship Finalist!

I feel so honoured to be awarded Finalist in the Google Australia & New Zealand 2008 Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. Anita Borg was a pioneer computer scientist who worked hard to make IT and technology-based careers accessible for women. Google have created a scholarship in her memory for high-achieving female students in information technology, who show leadership potential and who are likely to carry on the work that Commodore Anita Borg began – and this week I had a very exciting phone call telling me that I was a runner-up finalist for this year’s award!

Being a Finalist means that I am awarded a monetary prize for educational purposes but also means I will be travelling to Sydney for a retreat! I’ll be meeting the other Finalists and Scholars at the Google offices – I can’t wait! It’s only a few weeks away…This is so exciting!